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Golden Glow // Metallic Accents



As a child, I was pretty much obsessed with anything sparkly, shiny or glittery. I’ve carried that obsession with me, but have transitioned from the bedazzled category into a more subdued golden one. When I moved into my new home a few years ago I discovered a love for gilded objects. If I didn’t know any better, I would probably place one on every surface in my house. There is something so lovely, warm and unexpected about a well-placed golden accent, whether it be brass, gold or even gold spray paint (see some adorable spray-painted dinosaurs here). These pieces always seem to subtly glow against the other more muted items in the room.

L & R: Rue magazine

I’ve done my best to limit the number of golden accents I purchase, but the ones I do own I truly adore. The small gold votive holders below are from West Elm (I found them on sale for sixty cents each!!) and sit on a dark wood table in my kitchen along with some lovely succulents. The brass partridge below was a recent purchase at an East Nashville shop called Old Made Good (OMG) and the brass owl trio was a lucky find at a local antique store called Gas Lamp Antiques.

When I first moved into my current house I went on a interior design blog binge and stumbled upon a really neat online shop called High Street Market. It’s owned by an interior designer in Philadelphia with a love for vintage decor and is stocked full of lovely golden decorative items. I’ve shared a few of my favorites below and it’s taking every bit of my willpower to not snag up those two little brass donkeys. So cute!! Hope you enjoy.

one // two // three // four // five // six

Meet My Couch // Perfectly Imperfect



My couch just turned 1-year old. It’s a Henry sofa from West Elm and it was the first nice couch that I have purchased. After living for a year and a half without a couch, its arrival was pretty much the event of the year at my house. I remember when the truck rolled up and it was placed down in the center of my living room, and I just sat and stared at its perfection. The grey fabric was immaculate and all of the pillows were perfectly fluffed.

A year has passed and I still find myself staring at it, but for other reasons. I love the way you now can tell where it has been loved. The cushion on my side (the right side) now sags slightly in the center – noticeably more than on the left where my boyfriend and dogs (naughty as they are) sit. I know not everyone will agree, but to me there is something really beautiful about a worn-in couch. As the cushions break-in and the fabric wears in spots, these imperfections tell a story about the people who curl up in it everyday.

One of my favorite sites to visit is The Selby. They take you into the homes of creative types all over the world and I’m always curious to see what kind of couch the subjects have chosen for their living room. The Selby openly embraces the imperfect, with most homes appearing as if caught off guard and in slight disarray. I find these homes much more interesting, real and inviting than those on the pages of glossy magazines.

While browsing the archives of The Selby last week, I came across several photos of couches that fit that perfectly imperfect, worn-in description that I love. Many of them made me endlessly curious about the story behind the couch. I hope that you find them as beautiful and cozy as I do. Enjoy!

(all photos from The Selby)

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