Nashville, My Heart



Photography: Will Vastine,Β Jacket:Β DCXV, Shorts: Vintage Levis

There are very few places I love more than my hometown. Nashville is full of love, community, memories, and most importantly, my dearest friends and family. It’s a place I’ve lived for 20 years (considering I’m 26, that’s a looooong time!), and although I absolutely love it, it’s time for a change. I’m always up for a new, exciting adventure and I’ve decided to head out to Los Angeles, California! It could be a few months, it could be a few years, it could be a decade. Β Who knows? It’s time to do a little exploring, sing a few songs, style a few folks, and meet some fabulous people along the way.

How soon? Well, I’m already on the road with my big brother for my very first loooooong road trip (2,000 miles!).Β I love that this blog has been with me through Boston, Miami, Nashville, and now LA!! Here’s to many future beach blog posts :)

Nashville, I LOVE YOU.

  • danahi88

    how exciting! i wish you the best of luck in your new home! ill be heading to cali in august! im so excited! big road trip as well!

    • Zarna

      The road trip part is so much fun! Let me know what route you’re taking and maybe I can send you some recommendations!

      • danahi88

        we are starting in san fran and then sacramento, las vegas and looping around again to our starting point!

        • Zarna

          how fun! we came from nashville, so we did oklahoma/texas/new mexico/arizona/cali. you’re going to have such a good time!

  • April

    Have fun, beautiful!! Can’t wait to hear about your Cali adventures!!

    • Zarna

      Thank you so much April!

  • That girl MEL!

    Have a great time! I’m due to head out there in 2014! Many exciting adventures ahead!

    • Zarna

      That’s awesome!! Thanks for the comment :)

  • Tanvi

    Exciting!!! Good Luck! (:

    • Zarna

      Thanks Tanvi!

      • Zarna

        Did you take comments off your blog? I wanted to comment on your latest post, but didn’t see the option!

  • Ritika Mahendru

    Wow! Good Luck.. I love road trips too.. I stayed in Memphis for some time, but I like Phoenix better! It’s all about where you like it.
    Yayyy to beach posts..

    • Zarna

      Thanks RItika! I was just driving through Phoenix a few days ago – I went to La Grande Orange, it was so good!

  • Conny

    You sound very sympathetic, and I thank you for your comment on my blog. So far I have never made a road trip. Now I have two children and it would be a bit difficult :-) But maybe this works later – when the children are older. Your post sounds definitely very tempting and I wish you a good journey and many wonderful encounters.

    • Zarna

      Thanks Conny!

  • Amanda C. watson

    I hope u are having a great time in LA =)

    • Zarna

      Thanks Amanda, it’s great so far :)

  • Vita

    Girl, your blog looks great, and it seems that there’s much more to come. Have a fantastic time in LA!

    And thanks for your comment.

    • Zarna

      Thanks Vita!

  • Tsangtastic

    Such a cute denim look ❀

    xoxo Jenny Tsang

    • Zarna

      Thank you Jenny!

  • N G

    Totally feeling this denim on denim look. And I hope Cali welcomes you with arms wide open! Hope you find some time to come visit NorCal when you decide to come on over.

    Wardrobe on Wheels

    • Zarna

      Thank you! I’m hoping to visit NorCal later this summer :)

  • melissa ward

    Chic look …. Thank u for stopping by faith family fashion :)

    • Zarna

      Thanks Melissa!

  • Brooks Cobbs

    That denim look is really working for you. I admire your free spirit. Safe journey.

    • Zarna

      Thanks Brooks :)

  • Meital David-pur

    love your style!

    I’m following you now on bloglovin :)

    Hopefully you might want to check out my style too

    Très Jolie fashion

    • Zarna

      Thanks Meital! I’ll be sure to check out your site!

  • Deborah
    • Zarna

      Thanks Deborah!!

  • halie

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